Dyslexia Parent Support Group

DYSLEXIA Parent Support Group

Do you have a child who is, or may be, dyslexic? Come and join our group. We will be discussing and sharing ideas on how to help a dyslexic child with their reading, spelling and homework, as well as all the other issues that affect their lives.

The Dyslexia Parent Support Group was established in 2003 with the principle aim of putting parents of dyslexic children in touch with one another. It is a friendly, internationally represented group of parents, with the majority of their children being educated in English. Parents are also very welcome to attend if they are still unsure if their child might be dyslexic.


The Group meets monthly during term time either for an informal coffee morning or a chance to listen to a guest speaker. The meetings provide an ideal opportunity not only to exchange information and ideas, but also to share anxieties and successes with each other. During the year several guest speakers, all of whom have a professional interest in Dyslexia. (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Dyslexia Specialist, Speech Therapist), are invited along.

Information about Dyslexia in NL

The second aim of the Dyslexia Parent Support Group is to be a central source of information about which possibilities are available for dyslexic children locally, such as tutors and where families can get their child assessed. As such, qualified professionals who can offer support and services for dyslexic children are warmly invited to contact the group coordinator, Debra Lambert.


Everyone is welcome to contact Debra Lambert either for information or to join the group and attend meetings. It's also possible to join the mailing list so members are kept informed of any meeting/talk that is taking place.
There is no charge although occasionally there is a fee to pay for a guest speaker.

For more information contact DEBRA LAMBERT:

Useful Websites for Dyslexia


  • Dyslexia Action
    (Used to be called the Dyslexia Institute) Lots of general advice and information for both parent and teacher.
  • British Dyslexia Association
    Lots of general advice and information for both parent and teacher. They also run courses in UK that parents can attend.
  • The Keda Gateway to Literacy
    Keda Cowling is the author of “Toe by Toe”, a superb publication to help weak readers and spellers achieve success. Can be done as a home programme.
  • Gavin Reid website
    The website of an Educational Psychologist and author of many books on dyslexia. Very good links to other sites and lots of interesting information.
  • Dyslexics.org.uk
    This is an excellent website with a huge quantity of information and many links to other equally interesting web sites.
  • Dyslexichelp.co.uk
    Great website for parents whose children have recently been diagnosed.
  • Being Dyslexic
    Site for anyone who is dyslexic or is interested in dyslexia.
  • The Dyslexia Shop
    This website stocks thousands of products to help people with Dyslexia or other learning difficulties.
  • Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centrum
    An assessment and support centre in UK, plus lots of other info.


  • Alexie, dyslexie en ICT
    Organisation in Noordwijk that assists dyslexic children with computer technologie.
  • Lexima
    ICT voor beter lezen en leren.
  • Balans Digitaal
    Support organisation for parents of dyslexic children in Holland.
  • Handicap + study
    Study tips for students with learning difficulties.
  • Quadraat
    Organisation that assists dyslexic children with remedial help and help with homework. Based in Leiden.
  • LBRT - Landelijke Beroepsvereniging voor Remedial Teachers
    The LBRT is an association of teachers who have specialized in assisting children and adults with learning problems. Remedial teachers help pupils/clients at school or in their own practice.

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