Autism Association for Overseas Families in The NetherlandsAre you an expatriate family, living in The Netherlands or considering moving to The Netherlands? Do you have a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or other special needs (medical, behavioural, educational)? Do you want to make links with other families in the same situation? Then this site may be for you, whether you are new to the Netherlands or have been here for sometime already...

Who we are

The AAOF is a PARENT SUPPORT GROUP active in the Netherlands, whose aim is to connect expat families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or other special needs. It has come about as the result of discussions between parents and various expat professionals (teachers, speech and language therapists, educational and clinical psychologists) with an interest in ASD.

Over the years the AAOF has become a reference point not only for families with Autistic children but also for many parents who are facing the daily challenges of raising a child with different special needs. The group mantains a close relationship with the DYSLEXIA PARENT SUPPORT GROUP and the ADHD SUPPORT GROUP.

What we do

For many families a good network of support is essential in helping to cope with some of the day to day experiences involved in parenting a child with special needs. When families move, these networks are often disrupted and establishing new ones can sometimes be difficult. This is even more likely to happen when you move to a new country, and away from old friends and family!

While there are many good Dutch national associations for Autism and other special needs, approaching them may not be the first choice if you don't speak Dutch.

The AAOF regularly organises COFFEE MORNINGS at different locations, where parents are able to meet other families in a similar situation and get information about the range of services that are available through the Dutch Healthcare System or are offered by independent, often expat, practitioners (a list is available in the PROFESSIONALS section).

Furthermore the AAOF gathers all kind of information about special needs in the Netherlands (medical and educational organisations, events, support groups, financial matters etc.) and make them available through this website, the AAOF Facebook page and the PARENTS Network.

The AAOF is a support group run by volunteers. We are therefore unable to offer any paid employment opportunities or internship/training position.


Support Groups

AAOF Coffee Mornings